About Us

Colourfast Powdercoaters was established in 1996. Our staff have decades of experience and knowledge, some have been with the company since it started. 

We use quality products, purpose built machinery and modern technology to achieve a superior finish to all of our work.  Colourfast Powdercoaters pride themselves with their service and dedication to this evolving industry.


Unlike wet paints powder coating is more resistant to chipping, scratching and other wear, as well as being more environmentally friendly.


We pretreat all our work before powder coating which included a chemical cleaning to ensure a quality finish.  If the items are rusty or is chipped from previous coverings we would require the item to be sand blasted first.

All our work then goes into an oven at 200°C.  Any plastic or rubber parts must be removed before our powder coating process. 


Once the items are baked and cooled they are then checked and packed ready for dispatch.  Customer satisfaction is key to our production and our quality control procedures are of a very high standard.


 Ph: 07 571 8884

43D Koromiko Street,

Judea, Tauranga